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WOW! It's a Baby Clearance Rack!

The Ultimate Shopping Portal!

If you want to SAVE 40-90% it's listed here!

No matter if you call it the clearance rack, clearance center, bargain bin, bargain basement, discount department, closeout corner or hot deal on a bun, if you are here you are looking to save some serious cash! I have an infant and a toddler and I KNOW how much it costs to outfit these little ones. All or most of the links below will get you DIRECT access to the savings department. Whenever I find coupons that are good in these stores' clearance sections I will list them with the respective expiration dates. As always, please let me know if you find a dead link so I can remove it promptly. Any questions, comments or suggestions? See the link below to send 'em on to me or better yet, join our newsletter (for up to the minute alerts to new site additions) and you can just hit the reply button to send them on. :-) Now on to the shopping savings sources.....

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Tutti Bella
Handcrafted gifts for little ones. Get great deals on top quality goods in their bargain basement. (link is in the left column right above the gift registry)
Click here for a direct link to specials!
Steal of the Day
Every day, they feature one special product at its lowest price ever! But it only lasts for 24 hours, so grab it now!
Check out the deals
At urbanQ's baby girl department!icon
Click here to check out the deals
At urbanQ's baby boy department!icon

$10 off cute baby clothes

Looking for a way to pay for your BARGAINS online? Check out these options below...

Pay Pal - Pay for things online through your checking account. High security measures taken for your peace of mind!

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