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Welcome to "Egad! It's Monday!" Commentary for:
August 21st, 1999

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Man's Best Friend

Now I'm not an advocate of revenge, but I can appreciate a cleverly conceived retaliation.

When we first moved into our neighborhood, my husband and I observed a large dog, not unlike ol' yeller, walk up into our neighbors yard across the street. He proceeded to efficiently evacuate his bowels, then proudly walk back from wence he came.

Generally, this would not be anything to write home about, but this continued day after day after day. This lead us to believe that this dog was trained to do this. If so, why and how? Well now, since I really don't know, you will be forced to endure my vivid imagination.  

Our neighbor across the street is a doctor, so I picture a botched hemorrhoid operation, followed by a meager and dribbled out cash settlement. Not satisfied, our victim plots his revenge. Turning to the ever faithful family pet, he trains him.....months......years, perhaps. Under dark of night, he plants doggie treats from dog house to doc's house, until finally the culmination of this ingenious revenge. To this very day, every 24 hours this loyal dog does his business and away he goes.

Now, if you ask me, the doctor has had the last laugh.......his roses look FANTASTIC!

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