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Welcome to "Egad! It's Monday!" Weekly Commentary
For September 6th, 1999

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Top 10 Pet Peeves for Military Wives

10. Military Personal insist on refering to you as his "dependant".

9. The only way to get your husbands attention in a public place is to yell out his last name.

8. When you want to discuss something important with him, he wants you to take it through the chain-of-command.

7. You are forced to get him courts marshalled in order to spend any time with him.

6. Our husbands THINK that we don't out rank them.

5. You can never get through an intimate encounter without him wanting to salute you.

4. Your husband is always refering to the kids as his "troops".

3. If you go out without leaving a note, he insists you've been AWOL.

2. Your husband is always refering to making love as "going on maneuvers".

1. Can't find their dirty BDU's because they're camouflaged.

W. Carlston
H. Bliss

This is all in fun (for all of you hard-core military), so if you are a military wife or know of the military experience and have a pet peeve, email the webmaster below.

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