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Welcome to "Egad! It's Monday!" weekly commentary: Military Weather

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Here you will be allowed to forget that it is Monday. Here you can sit back and enjoy the rantings of our commentary author or even take your turn on the soapbox.

Weather and the Military

Can the government control the weather? It always seems to rain when we go to the field. Remember the adage: "It's not trainin' if it's not rainin'". If they are controlling the weather are the american military leaders so naive to think that combat is only going to occur during a week long rainy spell? And only at 3 in the morning for that matter?

How about the ignorance of the common soldier, thinking P.T. will be cancelled because it is raining so bad you can't see 5 feet in front of you, only to have the rain stop 5 minutes before formation. Then, after running 5 miles, when it is time to go home, the downpour continues.....forcing you to sprint to your car. I have been in the military long enough to believe that this is no longer a coincidence.

I now realize there are many things the military can control, even weather. That just makes America an even better place for me to defend and call home.


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