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WOW, Its Our Featured Freebie Archive!

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Here you will find freebies that I personally have experience with and I will share that experience with you. If you would like to add your own comments to a featured freebie or want to pass on your own experience with a freebie, feel "free" to email me below.

Featured Freebie #1 - Planetalumni

CLICK HERE to stay in touch with your old high school, college, fraternity & sorority or military friends. FREE to register and then send email to your lost schoolmates and friends.

This one is my favorite of these types of sites. I have already found an old boyfriend and 2 other friends that I had lost touch with through them. They don't ask you to "upgrade" to a different kind of membership in order to email people, like some OTHER places that I've been to. So far, it's all FREE! UPDATE: JUNE 2001.....They have changed the email feature and have added it to their Member Plus upgrade. I did notice that their membership is less than the others I've seen, has anyone done/seen a comparison?

Featured Freebie #2 - ClubMom

Live & Learn with ClubMom - Parenting, health, food, finance, careers, and more -- the expert advice you need to succeed. I love this place! From the mom mantra (gotta have my mantra) to the helpful articles, advice and ideas. They even have a periodic contest with prizes that a mom would just love (they must have moms running that place!).

Featured Freebie #3 - MyPoints

Earn FREE STUFF for surfing the Web!
Click here to find out more info from MyPoints. I did and I can't wait to earn that gift certficate to Red Lobster

Well I earned $30 dollars worth of gift certificates to Red Lobster and it was fantastic! I took my family (so we didn't eat free but at least it didn't cost and arm and a leg....just an arm), and we all enjoyed the fruits of my labor. That labor consisted of a total of 5 minutes a day of reading email and only cost me $10 which was an order I made (so actually I had a great shopping deal). You can earn points faster if you shop more often than I did but I wanted to do it the "free" way, you must know that I'm a freebie-aholic by now. Next time I am shooting for $50 dollars worth of Red Lobster so we can eat FREE this time!!!

Featured Freebie #4 - Pogo

Cribbage - Play Free at

I am so addicted to this site! Loads of games (my favs are: Dominoes, cribbage and word whomp). I've introduced this site to my family and they are hooked too! You can play games and chat at the same time! It's like family game night at the kitchen table. I go almost everyday just to de-stress.

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