Web Poll Archive Set #1

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Web Poll #1, Should US forces be in Kosovo?
Date released: April 2, 1999

-NO WAY! Let 'em kick the crap out of each other! *50%*
-This is serious folks, these people NEED our help. *25%*
-Sure, nothin' else to do with the military. *17%*
-I have no opinion on the subject, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! *8%*

Web Poll #2, Who/What is your favorite restaurant mascott?
Date released: April 9, 1999

-Yo Quiero Taco Bell! Gotta love that little pooch! *44%*
-Where's the Beef! I want the ol' lady back! *25%*
-Ronald McDonald....Of course. *19%*
-The Burger King...uh...King? *6%*
-I don't DO fast food, thank you very much. *6%*

Web Poll #3 (suggested by gramykat), Should 70 yr. old Dr. Kevorkian have been sentenced to 10 to 25 yrs in prison for the televised killing of Thomas Youk?
Date released: April 16, 1999

-Yes! He should rot in prison! *31%*
-No! People should be able to "Die with Dignity" if they so choose. *23%*
-Hook HIM up to the Kevorkian Death-O-Matic! *31%*
-Can I still make an appointment for my boss....PLEASE!!! *15%*

Web Poll #4, We are all outraged (and sympathetic to the families) by the shootings in Colorado, but what are YOU going to DO in an attempt to keep this from happening again?
Date released: April 23, 1999

-Pretty much just be outraged. *20%*
-Become a mentor. *20%*
-Lobby for gun control *10%*
-Donate to my favorite children's charity and hope it all goes away *0%*
-Support local efforts for keeping kids of gangs...Better yet #2 AND #5! *50%*

NOTE: Now that you've decided - GO DO IT! We MUST make our schools safe for our children!

Web Poll #5 (suggested by wcarlston), If SAHM's (Stay At Home Mom's) actually got paid, what should the payrate be?
Date released: April 30, 1999

-No amount is enough! I wouldn't trade jobs with them for a million bucks! *41%*
-Same as "working" spouse, This is an equal partnership after all. *35%*
-Same as a maid service, since basically that's what they are. *12%*
-Minimum wage, After all, They don't work THAT hard! *6%*
-0, What do they do that's worth paying for? *6%*

NOTE: If my hubby voted for any of the last three he's sleeping on the sofa!

Web Poll #6, Do you lie (ok, maybe just fib) about your age?
Date released: May 7, 1999

-Nope, Just like wine, I get better with age. *33%*
-OK, um...maybe occasionally... *33%*
-Only when I'm interested in someone... *22%*
-I will always be 30 years old...no...really! *11%*

Web Poll #7, Are you worried about the coming Y2K?
Date released: May 14, 1999

-Nah, Just another new year to me. *36%*
-Slightly worried but no preparations either *21%*
-Slightly worried and I have made a few preparations *29%*
-Are you kidding - not only do I have supplies but I've built a bomb shelter for the event! *14%*

Web Poll #8, How do you release your stress and/or tension?
Date released: May 21, 1999

-Bubble bath, book and bubbly beverage *23%*
-Draft spouse to give massage *16%*
-Meditate...Ohmmmmm, see I'm doing it right now *6%*
-Surf the web (and visit M4W3!) *16%*
-Who me? I don't have any stress, hey you - pass the tums *19%*
-Do the "wild thang" (wink wink, nudge nudge) *10%*
-I scream, throw things, you know, a basic temper tantrum *10%*

Web Poll #9 (suggested by gustavvanb), Is Elvis really departed from this world?
Date released: May 28, 1999

-Yes, and show a little respect will ya! *40%*
-No, I swear I saw him at the 7-11! *30%*
-I'm not sure, it really could be a big government conspiracy! Call the X-Files! *30%*

Web Poll #10, If I won a million dollars I would........?
Date released: June 4, 1999

-Go on a Loooong vacation *19%*
-Scuba dive in my neighbors bathtub. *14%*
-Pay bills & buy a bigger house *30%*
-Call the cops when Lee Majors comes to harass me. (This is a Colorado inside joke, sorry) *19%*
-Purchase a harem (or harhim depending on your gender or gender preference) *14%*

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