Web Poll Archive Set#2

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Web Poll #11, How far back can you trace your family tree?
Date released: June 11, 1999

-To the Mayflower and beyond! *7%*
-To the originating country of each ancestor. *20%*
-Great, Great Grandparents *33%*
-I'm adopted *7%*
-Um...I know who my parents are... *27%*
-I just don't give a d*mn *7%*

Web Poll #12, If it was possible to have a phone that knew that an incoming call was a salesperson/call, how much would you pay for it (no caller id--this sucker just won't ring!)?
Date released: June 18, 1999

-Nothing, I like talking to them. *9%*
-About $100.00 *27%*
-Are you kidding? $500.00 at least. *9%*
-Same as a regular top-of-the-line phone. *27%*
-I'll give you my savings account, everything in my wallet, everything in my pockets: my change, even the button, paperclip & lint! *27%*

Web Poll #13, Do you believe in ghosts?
Date released: June 25, 1999

-Anything is possible. *36%*
-Nope, and I don't see those books flying around the room either! *25%*
-Absolutely not! *13%*
-Yep, and ESP and astral-projection too! *13%*
-Um, I talked to my dead (insert name here) last night. *27%*

Web Poll #14, Would you vote for Hillary Clinton as President?
Date released: July 2, 1999

-Yes, Finally, a strong President *38%*
-I wouldn't even vote for her for Senator, let alone President! *31%*
-After what she's been through? (And she still shows her face in public with with "just can't seem to keep it in my pants") She deserves it! *31%*

Web Poll #15, Do you use and/or save money with coupons?
Date released: July 9, 1999

-Are you kidding, I am a coupon Queen/King/Princess.....Joker *29%*
-I have good intentions *29%*
-Coupon? What's a coupon? Jeeves...What's a coupon? *12%*
-Sometimes, when I remember to bring 'em with me. *29%*

Web Poll #16, Should patients be able to sue their HMO's?
Date released: July 16, 1999

-Yes, isn't that the American way? *11%*
-No, I want to keep medical costs down. *11%*
-Yes, we have to keep some rights! *67%*
-No, the HMO's will behave--we can trust them (Hey, can you believe I wrote that with a straight face) *11%*

Web Poll #17, What is your favorite movie of all time?
Date released: July 23, 1999

-Gone With The Wind *6%*
-Casablanca *6%*
-Titanic *25%*
-Earnest Saves Christmas *6%*
-Schindler's List *19%*
-Star Trek (All of 'em) *19%*
-Star Wars (All of 'em) *13%*
-Not Listed *6%*

Web Poll #18, Do you think that we are at the beginning of gobal warming?
Date released: July 30, 1999

-Yes, it's too darn hot and it's getting hotter! *7%*
-Nah, this is just normal weather patterns. *33%*
-Yes, would you like to halvsies on a fudgicle factory? *27%*
-No, that's just the doom-sayers having a field day with this heatwave. *7%*
-Don't know, don't care. *7%*

Web Poll #19, What do you think of the proposed tax cuts?
Date released: August 6, 1999

-Wahoo! *55%*
-Only those who have more money than they know what to do with get the breaks. *18%*
-So I'll get back $1.95 instead of $1.50, big deal. *18%*
-Tax cut? What tax cut. *9%*

Web Poll #20, If you could wish it to be any year next new year, what year would you choose?
Date released: August 13, 1999
(submitted by: gustavvanb)

-2000, I wanna party like it's 1999! *36%*
-1500, No smog, no Clinton, no indoor plumbing....wait, can I change my mind?! *9%*
-1970, Bring back disco, baby! *18%*
-3000, I wanna party like it's 2999! *9%*
-1, Let's just start over. *27%*

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