M4W3 Award Application

These awards will each be given out monthly and winners will be listed on a special page as well as given automatic entry into the M4W3 Directory.

First here are the things we are looking for:

For the CCC Award:
The 3 C's: Cool - This, unfortunately, varies from one persons opinion to another, and will be based solely on OUR opinion. Creative - We want to see some effort here. It does show and we will find it. Clever - Use your wit, let your personality show -- not many out there do and we are determined to reward it.

For the FF Award:
Creativity is a must here as well. You must make us laugh out loud. That's pretty much all it takes but it is not as easy as it sounds. Only one can win a month so tie breakers go to "The Man Who Never Laughs" (well almost never) and if you can make him laugh then you are a winner.

For the YTOH Award:
You need to touch our heart in some way (ie: poetry, a special cause, etc.). If you make us reach for our hankies, all the better. (A good cry is therapeutic ya know!), and you must be creative in doing this (We have a creativity hang-up here).

Now the above are the most important, but we do keep in mind the following: loading time, adult content (DO NOT APPLY), offensive or hate web sites, stereotyping (DO NOT APPLY), links are fine when presented in a clever and creative (or funny, etc.) manner. You may re-apply monthly. **NOTE: If you have AOL or your browser does not support forms email your information here.

Now on to the the award application.


First Name:

Last Name:

Website Name:




Winners of the CCC award
the FF award
and the YTOH award

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