Out of the Mouth's of Babe's

Cute little stories of the things children say. An oasis on the web...
NOTE: send me your stories and here are some submitted stories as well as some of mine for you to enjoy.


We went to visit my husbands grandmother after she came home from the hospital and she was explaining her injury and stitches to our kids so that they would take special care around her. To which my daughter (5 yrs at the time) replies in surprise, "Stitches! Did you fall apart?"
{Submitted by M4W3 Webmaster Bliss}

My 2 year old grandson asked for a cup of water. Thinking he wanted a drink, my husband put some water in a cup and handed it to him. He carried it into the livingroom and poured it into my artificail plant then said "there, now it'll grow"
{Submitted by Emma Dotson}

My son's version on how baby's are made (age 6): "God makes a skeleton, then he puts the skeleton in the mom's tummy. The baby grows and some pieces get on, when he grows again he will get all his pieces on. He dreams and he dreams, then when he gets ready to come out you go to the doctor quick. The mom pushes the baby out. Sometimes the mom has to scream. Then he will come out."
{Submitted by M4W3 Webmaster Bliss}

I was cooking dinner one evening and as usual my children were there to "help" me. I was grating some swiss cheese to be added to the recipe and of course they needed to taste some. My son (he was 5 at the time) asked what kind of cheese it was and I replied that it was swiss cheese and it tastes very good with spinach. To which he said, "Good, because it tastes awful by itself"!
{Submitted by M4W3 Webmaster Bliss}

When my youngest son was in first or second grade, and his brother had held up the two proverbial fingers, little finger and pointer finger. He came and showed me and said, "see Mom, I can do this" and held up the same two fingers. I told him not to do that. He said, "why". I said do you know what it means? He said, "yeah, it means bull". I said, Son, that is the same thing as cursing. He said, and I quote word for word "Mom, I can't even write cursive, let alone speak it".
{Submitted by gramykat}

In Sunday School class, many years ago, the teacher was quizzing us on the ten commandments. Going around the room, he asked each of us to name one of the commandments. Things were going well until he asked Joanne to name one. Proudly, she spoke up and said, "Thou shalt not admit adultery!"
{Submitted by K.L. Watkins}

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