The following is a list of credits, of the people and websites that we could not do without:

Draacs - we get most of our graphics at this great free website. But we also get a few from the following great websites also.

Free Graphics 4 Webbers Library - More great free graphics.

1001 Background Graphics - More backgrounds than you'll know what to do with!

Award graphics:
Sissy's Place - She made most of our award graphics. Heck, I can only take credit for one, she made the rest. Our e-friend (since we have never actually met in person - hey maybe one day we will have an e-friend reunion) has a great free graphics site.

Individual's of note:
Our e-friend Shirley - send's us lots of contest links for the contest page (and freebie links for the freebie page) as well as great ideas and views from a visitors prespective.

Wendy - Besides being one of my best friends (online and off) and a fellow military wife, she also helps out (since she has a computer) with the few things webtv can't do.

A Special THANK YOU To TheWebJunkie For All Your Help And Guidance With This Website

AddMe! AAA Matilda United States

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