Horton/De Horton House

Henry De Horton
b. 1220, Horton, Northampton, England
d. 1273(?)


Hugh De Horton
b. 1240, Horton, Northampton, England
d. 1327(?)


Henry De Horton
b. 1270, Horton, Northampton, England
d. ?


Hugh De Horton
b. 1300, Knoptoft, Leicestershire, England
d. ?


John De Horton
b. 1330, Knoptoft, Leicestershire, England
d. ?


William De Horton
b. 1370
d. 1413(?)
m. to Joan Dutton
b. 1381(?)
d. ?


Richard De Horton
b. 1410, Mowsley, England
d. ?


Richard De Horton
b. 1450, Mowsley, England
d. ?
m. Anne(?) 


Thomas De Horton
b. 1480, Mowsley, England
d. 1504(?)


Richard De Horton
b. 1500
d. ?


Robert De Horton
b. 1525, Mowsley, England
d. ?


William Horton
b. abt 1550, Firth House, Burksland, Halifax England
d. abt 1603(?), Suffolk, NY
m. 1571, Toothill, Lincoln, England to Elizabeth Hanson
b. 1558(?), Barkisland, Halifax, Yorkshire, England
d. 1640(?)

Children: William Horton II, Joshua Horton, Esq., Thomas Horton, Sarah Horton, Elizabeth Horton, and

Joseph Horton
b. 1572, Firth House, Burksland, Halifax, England
d. 1640(?) Springfield, Hampton Co., MA
m. 1599 to Mary Schuyler
b. 1578(?) Mowsley, Leicestershire, England
d. ?

Children: Thomas Horton, Jeremiah Horton, and

Barnabas Horton I
b. 13 July(?) 1600, Mowsley, (Leicestershire) England
d. 13 July 1680, Bur, Southold, Suffolk Co. NY
m. 1622 to Anne Smith*
b. ABT 1602 Stanion of North Hamptonshire, England
m2. Mary Langton

Children: Benjamin Horton*, Caleb Horton, Joshua Horton, Jonathan Horton, Hannah Horton, Sarah Horton, Mary Horton, Mercy Horton, Abigail Horton (adopted), and

Joseph Horton*
b. abt 1625, Mowsley, England
d. ?
m. 1655 to Jane Budd

Children: Abigail Horton, John Horton, Joseph Horton, Jeremiah Horton, Samuel Horton (he had several daughters but only 1 has been mentioned thus far), and

David Horton
b 1664
d. ?
m. 1688 to Esther King

Children: Jeremiah Horton, Abigail Horton, Ambrose Horton, Joseph Horton, Thomas Horton, Daniel Horton, Samuel Horton, and

John Horton
b. 1696
d. ?
m. Elizabeth Lee

Children: David Horton, Daniel Horton, John Horton, William Horton, and

Richard Horton
b. 1721
d. ?
m. Jemima Wright

Children: George Horton, William Horton, Richard Horton, and

Elijah Horton
b. 7 Aug 1739
d. 14 Aug 1821
m. 1762 to Jemima Currie
b. 6 July 1744
d. 11 Mar 1825

Children: Esther Horton, Phoebe Horton, Stephen Horton, William Horton, Elizabeth Horton, Jemima Horton, Fanny Horton, Richard Horton, Isaac Horton, Joshua Horton, Gilbert Horton, and

Elijah M. Horton
b. 9 June 1768
d. 9 Aug 1835
m. 1791 to Pamela Ogden*
b. ?
d. 11 Feb 1804
m2. Abigail Butler

Children: Isaac Snyder Horton*, John Horton*, Lydia Horton*, Betsey Horton, Jane Jemima Horton*, Charles Horton*, Mary Horton, Wlliam Bullard Horton, Lucinda Horton, John Horton, and

Elijah Horton*
b. 1800
d. ?
m. 1819 to Elizabeth Ferguson
b. 1 AUG 1799
d. 23 OCT 1863

Children: Jemima Horton, Rockwell Horton, Ogden Horton, Laura Horton, Curtis C. Horton, and

Stephen Horton
b. 22 JUN 1822(3)
d. 17 SEPT 1883
m. 10 JAN 1867 to Julia A. Cord
b. 23 MAY 1849, Hornbrook, Bradford, PA
d. 4(11)? APR 1904

Children: Leona Horton, Lillian Horton, and

Laura Gertrude Horton
b. 21 Dec 1873, Horton, PA
d. 23 July 1953, Rixford, PA
m. 1894 to James Henry Baker
b. 1864
d. 1934

Children: Lee Baker, Beatrice (Baker) Kinney, Mildred (Baker) Avery, and

Marjorie I. Baker
b. 11 JAN 1908, Prentissville, PA
d. 29 OCT 2002, Eldred, PA (Buried in McKean Memorial Park Cemetary, Lafayette, PA)
m. 22 FEB 1927, Olean, NY to Lyle R. Bliss
b. 2 Mar 1904, Coneville, PA
d. 22 June 1988, Eldred, PA

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