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eLibrary enables users to search millions of published, authoritative sources for the information they crave. Register for the FREE eLibrary Tracker service or subscribe for a 30 Day Free Trial Membership of eLibrary. eLibrary's extensive database of popular newspapers, magazines, reference books, pictures, maps, and radio and TV transcripts makes finding whatever you're looking for simple.
Poets English Vocabulary Assistant
Includes: Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases, Spelling checker for English words and WordNet Vocabulary Helper.
Find telephone #, Email, Home page URL, FAX, Toll free # and addresses.
Let's you in on all the info regarding hoaxs, virus', chain letters and more. Government site.
Credit, Collection, Bancruptcy and Equal opportunity legal information. Read Terms of Use before using site.
Free health information.
Hypertext Webster Gateway
Find definitions for words online.
NetLingo: The Internet Language Dictionary
If BSD, yoyomode and kbps are "greek" to you, pop in and get those pesky internet definitions for things that have you scratching your head.
ARTFL Poject: Roget's Thesaurus
Online Thesaurus from the University of Chicago.
The Time Life Complete Gardener Encyclopedia
Brought to you by the Virtual Gardener
The Weather Channel
Check out the weather forcast where you live or where your grandma lives or anywhere else for that matter.
A whole lot of medical and health info. They even have a disease index menu!

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