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It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad
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(M4W3 for short)

You have just discovered the best place for FREE stuff and contest listings and more! Check out the clearance directory for fast access to *many of the best places to shop* closeout sections, our other easy to use directories, our popular "Out of the Mouths of Babes" and "Adventures in Motherhood" sections are cute, funny and adorable (and sometimes even informative *grin*) all rolled into one and you may even discover the secrets of our family history on our genealogy web page, and so much more you'll get giddy! So sit back, relax and most of all have fun!

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Adventures In Motherhood
~~ Come on in and enjoy one woman's account of the laughter, joy and ups and downs of motherhood. While sharing useful information at the same time!

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~~ Webmaster resources, tips and more! Lot's of FREE resources listed here! Join the newsletter for the, soon to arrive, "tips and tricks" for using the resources listed.

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~~ Cute and funny stories about how kids see their world

My Genealogy and More Webpage
~~ Are we related? See who we shake out of our family tree

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*Creative Corner - Creativity with an emphasis on recycling and reusing! Got a dilema on how to uniquely decorate for that special birthday, don't want to throw out that leaky teapot, on a budget and want some trade secrets on how to decorate the bathroom: All these questions and more can be answered when you ask Unique Monique! Click here to join her newsletter now! OR go to the Ask Unique Monique Message Board - Do you have a home, gift or decorating problem? Pop in and Ask Unique Monique for some creative answers!

*New Message Boards - it has come to our attention that we need more message boards, so we will be working on that as well. If you have a suggestion on this subject, please email us below.

*A Search Engine - We are working on getting a search engine for this site! This will save you some time if you are looking for something specific.

We have turned the links pages into a reciprocal link directory - so send in your URL's for submission review (We reserve the right to turn down any submission for any reason, examples being adult material, illegal activities, hate propaganda, warez, etc.)

*We are giving out 3 awards!! - They are called the CCC award (Cool, Clever, Creative Award), the FF Award (Fantastically Funny Website Award), and the YTOH Award (You've Touched Our Heart Award). Our intent is to honor uniqueness (in all its' forms) on the web. Apply for these awards here. Winners will be listed on a special winners page and automatic entry into the directory!

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